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Business Development

The perfect blend of consulting and management services. You’ll have intimate access to our expertise, resources, and networks as well as our undivided attention and guidance. We tackle many areas of focus such as client acquisition, branding & reputation, ancillary income streams, strategic partnerships, and new business ventures.

One month we may focus on getting you into writing camps with emerging artists and landing new projects. The next month we may focus on monetizing your song catalog or launching a digital product that generates residual income.

This service is generally reserved for producers who are already working full-time and need nuanced help to unlock new levels in their career and business. We only work with 50 producers at any given time and take clients via application or referral.

The Producer MBA

The Producer MBA is a hybrid education-mentorship program for emerging producers who have the talent but struggle with all of the business stuff. We created this program because there weren’t many viable options out there to truly prepare music producers for the highly competitive, internet-driven music industry.

We’ll provide you with a clear path to make the transition from part time to full time to long-term career, and we feel that our program is the most ‘well rounded’ option available. You’ll get support and insights from veterans of both the traditional side and the entrepreneurial side of the industry.

The Producer MBA is ultimately designed to prepare you for our business development services once you’ve established yourself. We currently accept only 300 applicants per year for the program.

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