How It Works

Dark Label Music is a business mastermind for working music producers, music freelancers, and music entrepreneurs. Our members come to us when they want to land more clients at higher rates, launch digital products and new offers, build multiple income streams, and expand their name & reputation. Our fundamentals: Ownership, create jobs for others, and anti-cynicism.


We always make sure we’re a good match

Before we every ask you for a dime we will go through an assessment process which includes 2 to 3 phone conversations. Our goal is to see whether or not Dark Label is truly the best move for you. If so, then we will make you an offer and if accepted you’ll immediately be enrolled. We only take on a select group of about 100 members per year… Not because we are trying to be snobby (not our vibe) but because that allows us to keep things personal with our members.


We map out your personalized strategy

Once you are a member, you will have a few 1-on-1 consulting sessions with me (Daniel). I will assess the current state of your business, your desired outcome, and create the best roadmap for you to follow while you’re in Dark Label. We will make immediate tweaks to your business and to your thinking so that you can see progress quickly.


We support you while you hit your goals

The rest of our time together will be spent implementing. There is no magic tactic that creates a successful business. It comes down to getting incredibly competent at the fundamental skills, being able to fix what isn’t working quickly, and becoming the sharpest version of yourself capable of executing consistently. Please be prepared to go through some big changes and be held to a high standard.


3x your business in one year or less.

We constantly assess and refine our approach to yield the highest results


From business consulting to business therapy to accountability. The anchor of our approach is personalized 1-on-1 support to ensure that we figure out what works specifically for you and your situation. No two music producers are the same.


Over many years we have put together a goldmine of video trainings and workshops that cover every facet of what you will need to grow your music business. We pull from this to essentially build a “custom course” for your specific goals.


You’ll be welcomed into a new family of entrepreneurial music pros ranging from emerging talent to industry veterans sharing what’s currently working and helping each other over obstacles all while establishing fruitful relationships.


Who do you typically work with?

Typically our members are working music producers who are interested in modern internet-driven business models and want to build their own thing. This doesn’t mean that all of them are full-time (that is not required) but most have already developed their skills and generally have a business. However, we’ve had members come in to launch their production career and transition to full-time (bypassing the years of trying to figure it out on their own). On the flip-side we’ve had members that are industry veterans and come to get help with better organizing their current business or to launch a new income stream. Most of our clients are music producers but we’ve worked with mix engineers, music coaches, and other freelancers as well. The best way to find out if you’re a fit is to reach out an have a conversation.

What things can you help me with?

The majority of our members come to us because they want consistent work at higher rates with better clients. That’s our bread and butter. However, we also help them think outside of the box and launch different income streams while expanding their brand and reputation (specifically on the internet). We’ve found that by helping our members establish their own success… It helps them achieve many of the other more “industry goals” that they may also have (label projects, management, etc). Our goal is to put you in a position to have an above average music career that gives you options so you can do whatever you want (both short term and long term).

How do I know if this will really work for me?

We completely understand this concern and our general advice is: Always do your research, check out our alumni, and have a conversation with us about what you are trying to do. On our initial calls together (before you ever pay us anything) we will lay out a plan so that you know exactly HOW you would hit your goals. We won’t make an offer to someone we aren’t confident that we can help which is why our success rate averages out between 80%-90%. There will always be a few members that simply do not see the plan through however we do our best to provide the accountability they need. We are also happy to discuss a conditional guarantee with you. In the end, if you have ANY doubt then we will not push you enroll.  Our mastermind is only made up of members who want to be there.

Do you offer anything else besides this mastermind? 

Yes! This is why we encourage you to reach out even if you may not feel like you are a fit yet for Dark Label. We have other customized offerings that we can put together for you in order to help you get started correctly and prepare you to be a part of Dark Label in the future.

Who’s behind this and who have you helped?

We encourage you to do your research on us! You can learn more about us here. And you can see who we work with and learn more about their experiences here. If you are still a bit unsure about us then we recommend going through our free content so that you can feel us out and see what we’re about.

How can I contact you if I have more questions?

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to email us directly at for general inquiries. If you’d like to explore working with us then please use the “Get Started” button below.