Our Track Record

Featured Producers

“Thank you Dan! You offer a very tangible service”

Jayme David SilversteinMulti-platinum mixer/producer

“I've got an entirely new mindset, got my shit together, and am booked out for a year.”

Seb BarlowProducer/Mixer

“Over the last month I've had 3 projects with new clients @ $1500 / song”

Justin ZoltekProducer

“I've already secured a 6 song EP at $1000/song this month”

Rahsaan LaceyProducer

“Just closed a $3000 project for something I used to only get $500 for”

Steven MartinezProducer/Writer

“Our studio is clearing 4-figures a week now and attracting more remote artists”

Wes LauterbachProducer

“Grateful for Dan. I transitioned to full-time in 3 months and now I've landed my first label project”

Adam RoesnerProducer

“Just landed a new client. Second one this week”


“Listen to Dan. 10 months ago I had no clients and now I'm full-time, working the best artists in my city”

John TrueProducer

“I was struggling to sell beats, but now I've got $15k of work booked for January working with artists”

KT Got BeatsProducer

“Finally landed my first client solely using the internet... Sweet.”

Noah AlthoffProducer/Writer

“Hey Dan. Pulled in 3 new clients this last week through Tik Tok”

Alyssa WilkensProducer

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